Tuesday, August 24, 2004

a52: Carnivale

Carnivale is one of the coolest title sequences I've seen in a while, and it's not for the titles. It zooms around some tarot cards, which suddenly move in 3D space, and then into old footage from Germany, the KKK, the Great Depression.

Incidently, a guy I dated when I was 19 did a tarot card reading for me and all I can remember was that he said I'd have a difficult childbirth. I just laughed it off because I never planned to have a kid.... guess what! Eleven years later I have a baby and had to spend 11 weeks in the hospital before she was born. Maybe he did know what he was doing.

Check out the video. Very cool. There's a link in the upper left called Work and you can see their other work. Nice stuff.

Editors Note: Here is an article on the making of Carnivale. I think it will answer all of your questions.

The video link has been updated too. Drives me nuts when webmasters redo their sites and leave dead links. A52 redid their site entirely in flash so that you can not link to individual pages.... hence, I linked to another site. Enjoy.

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This link doesn't work. :(
Thanks, it's fixed. They redid their site and left us a dead link. Not cool.
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