Saturday, September 17, 2005

Once Tiros - Drogado

once tiros Adrian "Adrito" Nario, of Guru-Pro is a musician/animator based in Miami, Florida, created this cool video, Drogado (Drug) for his band, Once Tiros (translates to Eleven Shots). Adrian didn't want to quit the band when he moved from Uruguay to Miami so he offered up his animation skills instead.

The video is very clever and creative. The only footage used was three takes of the singer, one of which was filmed at half speed, so that it could be sped up to get that animation/fast type of movement.

The rest of the band was taken from still photos which were disassembled in Photoshop, animated with Flash and then further enhanced in After Effects.

To achieve the rusty/grungy look, burnt textures were placed over the footage. Vector paint was used for the initial tree, as well as the burnt film. Card Wipe was used for some transitions and Particle Playground for the asterix. I love the marionette puppet effect. I also dig the music, which I could only describe as a Latin/Ska.

And, if you're wondering, the premise of the song is that everyone takes drugs in some way, shape or form... legal or illegal. The song asks the earth which drugs it needs to take to tolerate all of the bad things that humanity has done to it. That's deep, man.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Royksopp - Eple

Eple is a video that I saw a few years ago and for some reason, couldn't find. I've located it once again.

I think the movement is a bit jerky, but I love the overall complexity and style of the video. This was the first time I'd seen cutout images used in this manner, and I know it's being used quite a bit today. I'm digging it.

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