Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fox Classics 2006

Fox Classics 2006Motionworks, motion graphics' artist John Dickinson's website, has the 2006 image spot for Fox Classics, and it is impressive. The effect is unique and the orange in the color scheme pops so beautifully. The whole spot was executed so expertly.

John used After Effects 7 and treated each bit of old film footage using Levels, Gaussian Blur and some Tinderbox 3 fitlers. He used Photoshop to clean up the background plates by taking a bunch of frames and cloning them. The roto work took about 6-7 hours per shot, all done using AE's Pen tool and rotobezier function. He rotoscoped each actor at 5fps and created the echo by applying Time Blend.

John says, "I then placed the recreated scene on the front of a cube behind the actor in 3D space. It's pretty effective, especially with the Robert Redford shot where he looks as if he's walking out of the cafe door and the My Fair Lady dancing shot. I particularly like the Planet of the Apes shot where the water wraps around Charlton Heston as he kneels in the sand." On the AE-List, he elaborated, "Charlton Heston was probably the most challenging clip to "fit" into the style I chose. I had to include some of the sand around his hands in the roto otherwise he looked like a multiple amputee :)"

The music is called "The Day Brings" by Brad and I quite like it.


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