Thursday, March 02, 2006

Interview with Jerome Oliver

We have a new addition to our growing library of visual effects resources; Interviews. The Inspirations page has been there quite a while, showing you a variety of what's new and interesting in motion graphics, but now we're adding a series of interviews hosted by me, Michele Yamazaki. We want to offer fresh content and explore the many capabilities of the diverse software application.

Our first discussion is with Jerome Oliver, a motion graphic artist based in Tokyo, Japan. He runs Speaking Pictures, a design firm with high profile clients such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Miss Universe Japan. Last year Jerome worked with Chage, a well-known Japanese pop singer, to create an unconventional film using digital still photography. The result is a stunning and extraordinary piece that manages to captivate the audience while giving them a feeling of disassociation at the same time. Jerome discusses the project, his technique and workflow, as well as the challenges in working to entertain across cultures.

His film has just been accepted to the Ann Arbor Film Festival, which happens later this month. A big congratulations to Jerome is in order. This guy is going to be a well-known filmmaker before you know it.


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