Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re:Vision Media's Spring 2006 Reel

revisioin media's spring 2006 reelRe:Vision Media is a company run by Brandon Hirzel, a new media artist from Detroit (props for Michigan!), now living in San Diego, California. He works as a freelance motion graphics, cinematography, music video, VJ...

I saw his eye-popping reel on Brandon's MySpace URL. What really delights me about this reel is the effect where the video freezes, an outline is drawn around the character and the person becomes a bit posterized. As this is happening, textures, graffiti, lines and other elements draw on behind him. Okay, this effect is all-over right now, but I haven't seen it this superbly. There's so much detail. A definite 10 on the cool factor.

The reel is vivid, energetic, tight, fun to watch and everything a reel should be. Well played, Brandon. Well played.

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