Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Organica Islam

organic islamMatthew Frederick Davis Hemming created this beautiful experimental video, Organica Islam, (15MB, pops) after watching a documentary about Islamic tapestries. The colors are beautiful and harmonious and it gives you the feeling of falling through 3D space. The Middle Eastern music is a perfect fit. The piece is called "Blue"; the band is Syntax Error and the vocalist is Astra Ozols. I don't know what the Islamic version of Zen is called, but this is pretty close.

Matthew says, "It's one 6 second loop of a simple animated mask reiterated many, many times applied as tinted difference layers, moving through 3D space while the camera wobbles around." He made a step-by-step tutorial explaining the process. He used Trapcode's Starglow to enhance the end.

Check out Matthew's website, MFDH.ca.

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