Monday, November 27, 2006

The Beatles "Free as a Bird"

This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a while. They combine footage shot at an aerial view point (bird's eye view), with stills and archival footage of the Beatles. The look is totally 1960s with the costumes and scenery/sets, as well as the tone of the film. Beautiful.

There are references to 64 Beatles songs in the video. I totally caught Eleanor Rigby, Sgt. Pepper, Strawberry Fields Forever, Birthday, A Day in the Life, Paperback Writer, Abbey Road album cover, Tomorrow Never Knows, Blackbird (?) and a couple of others, but I'd need to watch it about 20 times to pick up much more. I was a Beatles mega-fan in high school and still love them to this day. Check out this amazing video. I tried to find something non-YouTube, but no such luck.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

N.A.H.P.I. - Do They Know It's Halloween

Yeah, I'm a month late on this one, but I just came across it. You probably know I'm a Halloween-mega fan, and this one is really good, so it's worth posting off season. The song is performed by Vice Recordings artists including Devendra Banhart, R.E.M.'s Joey Waronker, Beck, Chris Murphy (Sloan), Thurston Moore, Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav), Peaches, Elvira, Malcolm Mclaren, Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeah's), and others.

Lots of 2D/3D animation and effects and just lots of fun. It's way better than "Do They Know It's Christmas?" It's a charity-benefit song with all proceeds being donated to UNICEF.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Apple iPod Shuffle Commercial with the Prototypes

ipod shuffleI dig the song (Who's Gonna Sing? by the Prototypes), but I really dig the great editing and effects in this commercial.

Check out the Apple iPod Shuffle commercial


Twisted Sister "Eleanor Rigby". Worst. Cover. Ever.

John Lennon is doing barrel rolls. Honestly, I think this is an abomination. It's so bad, it's great! I have always liked Twisted Sister, but man, couldn't they have done Helter Skelter or Revolution or something not so... poignant. Dee Schneider doesn't seem to do sensitive.

But, the video.... check out the nice color effects. Lonely people are black and white, non lonely people are colorful. Nicely done.

I always pictured Eleanor Rigby as a homely middle-aged woman who was poor and shy. This Eleanor Rigby is quite a hottie. I kind of doubt she had any problems getting dates.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


One of my AE students is from Europe and showed me this cool commercial for Sony Bravia. The bouncing balls are not effects but they actually sent 250,000 of superballs free on the streets of San Francisco. They did it all in one take with many cameras. I wouldn't want to have been on that clean up crew!

Watch the commercial

Watch the making of featurette

My student said that this commercial was one of the most talked about ads after it came out and that they did a second, but it wasn't as good. We're pondering why this one didn't air in the US since it was shot in one of our most beautiful cities... we decided it was because they spelled color with a u. American's might pronounce that ko-lure and that would be embarrassing. ;-)

They have a newer commercial with geisers of paint. Looks like it would be a mess, but it's very cool.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Andrea Giacobbe's Arte "Tracks"

Andrea Giacobbe's Arte TracksAndrea Giacobbe is an Italian filmmaker and photographer who works from L.A. From his bio: Andrea's photographic work led him into the world of film when the European art/culture television channel ARTE asked him to write and direct a one minute short film for the program "Tracks", which has since been broadcasting weekly for the past twelve years.

I'm digging the wadded paper effects. Very cool. Is this video really a decade old? I can't believe it!

Andrea won awards for his work on Garbage's Push It and has also done videos for Nine Inch Nails and Death in Vegas, as well as Sony Ericson, Coca Cola and Nestle.

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