Sunday, February 18, 2007

Waldemar Borth Reel

This is definitely one of the nicest student showreels I have seen. This was done by Waldemar Borth, from Mannheim, Germany, and this showreel won an Animago award. Hey, congrats.

Students, take note... I teach at an art school, and many student reels are not very good. Yes, they try, and I don't want to be too cruel, but I see some recurring problems with the reels. Many are too long and repeat content, contain that is very amateurish, or looks exactly like something in an iPod commercial/Comedy Central ad/Green Day video. My advice? Be original and make your reel stand out. Make it personal. Put your best work on it. Keep it fresh. I wrote a short article on creating a proper demo reel if you're interested.

Waldemar does it right. The auto commercial and other content looks very professional, not like student work. He keeps it short. He even uses, I believe, original music. He shows a variety of styles, too. Nice work, Waldemar.

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Nice video
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