Thursday, March 01, 2007

Did you create this amazing video?

This gorgeous video link was sent to me by one of my students, Paul, asking about how they created the effect. I tried to dig up more information on the video, but unfortunately, I don't know where the link came from. It was posted to a forum.

So, dear readers, any help would be appreciated. I'd love to know who did it, how, and what sort of software was used. It's so interesting.

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the video was for MTV HD and was produced by pysop.

They have a great 3D department at pysop (now called btw) so im sure their teckies came up with a particle script for the growing branches and the flocks of birds.

everything pysop produces blows me away, if i had only had 10% of their flare i would be a happy little designer.

heres some more info on it over at motionographer.
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