Monday, March 26, 2007

El País - Route through the history

Route through the history for El País is uses that technique that zooms by a bunch of photos with a 3D camera and lots of depth of field and perspective shadows. It was posted by Cocoe Conspiracy Headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

We have quite a few questions about how to do this technique. I can tell you that it will take a lot of time cutting out the photos in Photoshop. There are plug-ins that will speed up the process quite a bit, including Vertus Fluid Mask for Photoshop and the Tools in the Digital Film Tools Masking Bundle for Photoshop. You'll need to break up your images and background into several layers, and paint in your background - at least the parts that will show. The clone tool works well for this.

In After Effects, you'll need to import these Photoshop documents as Compositions and make each layer 3D. Separate them in z-space and then animate your camera. Easy as pie, eh.

Thanks Jim G. for the link!

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