Friday, April 27, 2007

Me& The Moon - Things Aren't Always as They Seem

Me& The Moon's Things Aren't Always as They Seem music video was created by Chris Carmichael, a student that was in my class this semester. He shot, edited and did all of the effects and graphics. The only thing he didn't do was star in the video... the girl in the video is his younger sister.

Chris shot the band over a portable green screen one weekend this winter, and I must say, his footage was really dark and I was a bit worried that he would put hours of work into it and come out with a mediocre project. I was amazed at what a good looking video he made with that dark footage. Here and there there are a few issues with the key, but overall, the color effects and correction have fixed most of the dark footage. He compostited the keyed footage over stills of the woods and added some interesting luma mattes and vector paint effects. I was very pleased with the outcome of his project.

This guy is going to do very well in this field. Well played, Chris. Well played.

Unfortunately, the file size was gimungus, so I compressed it into a small file. I just don't feel like dealing with bandwidth issues this month.

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