Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The House of Flying Daggers Trailer

House of Flying DaggersThe House of Flying Daggers came out in 2004, but I caught it on Spike tonight. I was blown away by the visual effects. The soldiers running through the tops of the bamboo stalks and the impossible flying daggers... phenomenal. Sure, it's a lot like the effects of Crouching Tiger, but still freakin' cool. The colors are breathtaking and cinematography is awe-inspiring. I love the greens in the costumes and bamboo forest. The snow at the end, which I read was just a freak October snowstorm in the Ukraine where they shot, worked to the directors benefit as a beautiful contrast to the blood and symbolic to the end of life and love. Also Zyang Ziyi's performance as a blind girl is top drawer.

I highly recommend this film, even if it's 3 years too late ;-) Sadly, the last film I've seen in the theatre was "Over the Hedge" I have a huge list of films to see. I'm midway through The Motorcycle Diaries which is also a cinematic feast for the eyes.


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