Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paulig Presidentti Coffee Ad "Fantasia"

coffee adI originally posted this spot on May 18, but decided to repost it since Studio Daily has a great article about the commerical. Check out the article: Animating a Coffee-Lovers' Fantasy: Stardust Studio Creates Animated HD Spot for Finnish Coffee Brand written by Matt Armstrong.

Here is the original post:

My friend Alicia sent me this gorgeous Paulig Presidentti Coffee, the most popular brand in Finland, they say.

The ad was done by Stardust Studios. There's a great press release regarding the spot, which started airing only in Finland in early May. Finland is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world. Who knew. I thought it would be the Italians and their espresso or the Seattlites and their Starbuck and Seattle's best.

"They had certain things that they wanted in the spot," Bibby explained, "which ultimately had to be all about transformation... a moment of solitude where one's mind wanders, going on a journey, where one thing leads to another and another, until it all comes back to the coffee."
In the finished spot, on a field of dark green, a golden droplet appears and splashes down into dark liquid, forming a golden wave that instantly transforms into a lion's head. The golden liquid pours down over dark mountains to a waterfall, where particles stream into a lake before soaring comet-like into a dark green sky above a forest, and exploding like fireworks. One of the fireballs takes the form of a glowing golden bird, which soars past, leaving a wake of floating feathers which become butterflies, and then, a field of golden flowers. An elk runs through the field, and golden particles mix with the northern lights, before the brand's golden cup appears, with the campaign tagline, "Maailman parhaista kahvilaaduista," (which translates into, "from the best coffees in the world"). The spot features a rich orchestral score throughout, which was composed by Tuomas Kantelinen, and mixed at Helsinki's Soundtrack Studios by Mikko Oinonen.

Lots of impressive 3D work, but we both Alicia and I thought that if coffee makes you see beautiful images like this, it must contain some psychedelic mushrooms. It really is a gorgeous spot. You'd never see Sanka or Foldgers doing an ad like that!

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That's a cool ad!
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