Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crowded House - Don't Stop Now (and short CH video retrospect)

The A great piece of animation featuring the new single from Crowded House. Lots of 3D layers and green screen work. There are tons and tons of layers and interesting camera angles. The sea monster's innards have that cut out paper look (as featured in the interview with Stephen Watkins.

This is the first single, featuring Johnny Marr on guitar, from their new album Time on Earth, coming out June 25. I am one of Crowded House's biggest fans. I have tickets to see them in Milwaukee in August. Their last studio album was 14 years ago!

Crowded House has a penchant for not only making timeless, beautiful music, but having creative music videos. One of my favorite songs from CH is Four Seasons in One Day from their 1993 album Together Alone. The video is strange and beautiful.

Better Be Home Soon from the 1988 Temple of Low Men album is another great CH video.

Man, is Neil Finn a talented man... easily equal to Paul McCartney in songwriting skills and musicianship.

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