Tuesday, June 05, 2007

London 2012 Olympic Brand Animation

There's been a lot of talk about the London 2012 fugly logo on the AE-List. No one seems to like it. No one in the entire world. I had some earrings with that shape and color when I was in 7th grade. They turned my earlobes green.

london 2012I actually like some of the London 2012 Brand animation. It's dynamic and colorful and there is some nice examples of tracking and masking. It's very well timed too. But in areas it looks like 1982 puked in the pool. If you have epilepsy or are bothered by flashing video, you might want to refrain from clicking the link.

Trish Meyer posted an interesting slogan for the 2012 olympics to the AE-List: Here's a new slogan: "If you thought that steroids were bad, wait until the triangles get you...London 2012"
Note: The link was taken down after only 2 hours! Maybe they're rethinking the whole design! I'll keep looking for another video online and link it back up. Sorry.

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Check out how the logo might have been created for only $800,000!
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