Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Chromeo - Tenderoni

chromeoI've been seening this song on a lot of music blogs lately but passed it off due to the song being named the same word used in a Bobby Brown song that I abhor. The name of the band reminds of me another group around the same era with another song that I regard with contempt... but enough about that.

Chromeo sounds nothing like Cameo or Bobby Brown (thank God!). They're a Montreal synth pop group. If Daft Punk and Jamiriquai had a baby, it might sound like this. Just the name Chromeo reeks of coolness.

But, alas, this blog is about visual inspirations and Chromeo's Tenderoni video is so such a great concept. The car wash scene is especially cool. This van is cruising around town with live video playing on the sides. Awesome green screen work, compositing and tracking work. Is that Trapcode Starglow I see? It was directed by London-based Rozan & Schmeltz.

Via Antville


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