Saturday, July 14, 2007

Harry Potter Commercial, green screen shoot

This is a little different that the type of stuff I usually post here, but I thought you might enjoy it. This was one great piece of marketing! The section about a minute in where you see the little girl on the broom - well, that's my kid, Lily. She came out to the shoot and was having a fabulous time in front of the camera. I think she'd make a great child star but I'd rather not have her addicted to meth by age 24. I kid, I kid!

So, I helped out on this video shoot, a Harry Potter book promotion for Meijer, a grocery store chain in the midwest. We had a tent that was about 12 foot by 12 foot with a green screen and three lights, as well as a little camera and a hardware keyer. The screen was set up at fairs, ball games, movie theatres and other places where people tend to congregate. One or two (sometimes 4!) people would pretend to fly on their broom. First, we'd take a snapshot, then record video for 10 seconds. They were given a postcard with the ominous words "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows is Coming" and a photo themselves flying on the broom in front of Stonehenge. Below the photo is a website and a code where they can download their video and share it with friends, put it on MySpace, YouTube, etc.

People were so into it. I was at a theatre, the opening night of the Harry Potter movie and lots of people came dressed up in their Gryffindor robes and witch hats and red and yellow striped scarves. I have some photos of the shoot that I'll share with you, as soon as I find my camera cable. Man, I swear that cable grows legs or slithers away.


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