Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Punk da Junk: A Journey of Epic Nutrition

I've been posting info here and there about Get Outta My Face - a non-profit org that teaches kids to eat well and to block out the corporate junk food ads and messages that we are bombarded with daily. GOMF is taking videos by students about nutrition and healthy lifestyles and putting them into this massive collection of videos. It's to raise awareness for what we all know is a huge problem in the US and elsewhere. They're still taking videos so if you're young enough to participate, please do! Or, help your kids make a video.

Winner of Best of Show and Best 72 hour shootout at BendFilm's Future Filmaker's Festival.

This video took 31 hours to make: 20.5 to film and 10.5 to edit.

They've done a lot of really cool hand drawn animations and some stop motion at the end. It's a great video.

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Thanks for sharing! This is great... So creative. I do some volunteer work with high schoolers in Washington, D.C. through a program called "Brainfood". It teaches culinary skills to inner city teens. I provide nutrition education and work with the kids on preparing healthy foods.

Here's a link to a recent workshop I did with them "pimp your ride"
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