Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Work of Cyriak

Cyriak sounds like the name of a magician to me, and he is.... a magician with Photoshop and After Effects! Cyriak is a freelance animator in Brighton, UK. His website bio is very funny:" Hello, I am Cyriak from 100 years into the future, where I have been exhumed and sent backwards in time via cyberspace in order to welcome you to the unabridged contents of my brain-damaged imagination." He's unbelivably creative. Jim G. passed his stuff on to me. Jim is in the know.

Check out two of his amazing animations.


The cow DNA is mindblowing! A screen shot just doesn't do it justice.

Beggin' - Frankie Valli video re-mix

This is just cleverl The mutant head in the vortex.... wow. This is just disturbing and oh, so fun to watch.

I never thought Frankie Valli sounded like the guy from Maroon 5 until now.

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