Thursday, December 13, 2007

If You See Kay - The Poster Children

If you see KayIn the early nineties I worked at a public radio station and I had an indie rock show. They named me Barb Wire - this was years before the celluloid masterpiece staring Pam Anderson. This was one of my favorite tunes back then, titled If You See Kay. After playing the tune, we ended up getting kicked off the air. The story was, there was an old lady who was a snitch for the station and would anything that she found offensive, which was anything that wouldn't be played on Lawrence Welk. The station is now a Christian station. They probably don't play much of The Poster Children anymore.

The video, directed by Bill Ward, came out in 1991. They time the effects perfectly. It's full of great early 90's warpy video effects, which remind me a bit of Nirvana's Come as You Are video. Everyone has cool 90's skater hair, too.

The Poster Children are still around and play some shows once in a while in the Chicago area. They put out about 10 videos so far. Check them out at their website.


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