Sunday, December 09, 2007

Out With the Old - Dell

DellHere's a lovely new spot for Dell called Out with the Old where a couple dozen old monitors and CPU's shatter into bits. I can't imagine the amount of cadmium, mercury and lead floating through the air in that room. I digress...

From rhinofx CD/VFX Supervisor Vico Sharabani (from Joey Tomatoes):
This project was quite challenging from a visual perspective, lending itself to a wide variety of both creative and technical timing solutions. During the original planning process, we were working closely with The Snorri Brothers, and determined that the entire piece should be shot in live action and we would later manipulate and augment the footage digitally. Having done quite a bit of these slow-motion stylized effects, we suggested they shoot with a Phantom camera-a high-speed, HD digital camera that captures 1000 frames per second. The challenge here was that we had only one take with three camera angles for each explosion and had to manipulate the timing, synchronization, and details of footage to really make it work. Working with live pyrotechnics can always be difficult in compositing, as we have to turn unpredictable and instantaneous explosions into a consistent and cohesive visual output. To do this, our artists worked in Flame to recreate scenes, enhance some explosions, clean up others, match debris consistency, manage timing, and color correct to maintain the crisp starkness of the background environment. We also took advantage of the latest Linux Flame HD technology to preserve detail for the high-res rendering. Overall, it was really a seamless translation between production, effects, editing, and post production, and I think that really comes across in the timing and flow of the final product.

I love knowing what happens behind the scenes like that.



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