Monday, December 17, 2007

The Skies Revolt - The Transitive Deficiency (Part One)

Oh, lack of sleep is a brain cell killer. I sat on this one for a full day because I couldn't find the MySpace embed link! After a good night's sleep, whaddaya know, I find it after literally 5 seconds.

I digress, The Skies Revolt is a West Michigan based Indie Rock outfit. Dave Prindle, the lead singer, is also a Kendall student. This was his first real After Effects project, which right there is mindblowing. This isn't the quality of projects you usually see for someones first run in AE. He said he had some friends show him how the program worked and the video took only a couple of weeks to make. He's an AE Prodigy ;-)

The video contains a part one and part two, which combine two different styles (like Justin Timberlake and other artists have done recently). The idea came to Dave when he was creating a flyer with scissors for arms and was shooting laser beams into a city. The style was inspired by Michele Gondry's 'The Science of Sleep', Wes Anderson's 'The Life Aquatic' and also a The Cribs 'Mirror Kisses' video.

Dave says, "I created the scenery and characters shapes in Illustrator and
used Photoshop to add the textures. I used After Effects to arrange the scenes and Final Cut Pro to edit them together. I really liked using the cameras in After Effects to get more interesting angles. I liked using its color correction, too."

The Skies Revolt

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