Monday, December 17, 2007

Styles P feat. Swizz Beats - Blow Your Mind

Directed by Todd Angkasuwan and Styles P, they didn't skimp on visual effects! That's definitely Trapcode Particular (a preset?!) Lots of particles. Blow your mind.... and some interesting luma key effects.

Via Antville


I think it looks more like Particle Illusion! Check out Particle Illusion Fusion by Aharon Rabinowitz...
Could be, suziedawg. I know I've seen exact particle and color scheme before (I think I've seen it on VH-1's promos for some celebreality dating show too). We should have a particle match up here! PI vs. Trapcode Particular. PI will be coming out w/ an AE plug-in verysoon. That might be fun.
DEFINITELY PI...I was doing a PI tutorial, talking to a director about PI and the Styles video debut when lo and behold it popped up on my tv screen as I was doin the tutorial with the exact same effects. I screamed "Holy Sh*T, he used the preset I'm using right now in this tutorial..." The director/editor of the vid is actually a myspace bud of mine. He's an awesome VFX guy but yeah that's PI and maybe Particular borrowed some inspiration...btw they are my favorite plugs/apps besides FCP.
Wow! How cool to have a mention in Toolfarm Inspirations. It's weird because I never really considered myself a VFX artist. I feel so inadequate compared to so many VFX artists out there with REAL talent. I began doing this stuff out of necessity (low-budgets and the like), but I've grown to really LOVE the challenge of trying to pull off stuff using VFX. So now, regardless of budget, I continue to do them.

Anyway, to set the record straight, I used Trapcode Particular. I've never heard of Particle Illusion Fusion, but now I'm gonna check it out. You guys nailed one thing though. I DID use a preset in a couple areas!!

I used to be against using presets because it seems "lazy" and doesn't promote I was playing around with it and mulled it over, I said to myself "F*CK IT...It works!" So why not? I really liked the pattern in the preset and it worked for what I was trying to achieve. Trapcode is awesome. By the way, timekoder13, what do you go by on MySpace?

Todd Angkasuwan
Ha, I win! It was Particular ;-)

Cool video, Todd. I agree on the presets. Those presets are quality. Good stuff, indeed. Have you tried Form? I'm loving it. I've stayed up much too late a couple of times messing with Form.

If you guys have anything new, i'm always looking for stuff to post here. Feel free to send me a link (michele [at]
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