Monday, January 28, 2008

Mad Money Titles - Shine Studio

mad moneyDru Nget is one of my former students and a good friend. He is making a big name for himself in Hollywood. He has been working with Shine Studio and has been designing/animating titles for film and television shows (Terminator Series and Women's Murder Club titles), as well as a network identity that I posted at 'Inspirations' in July 2007.

Dru's latest film titles were for the film Mad Money and they are really cool! See for yourself.

Dru says "The title sequence was inspired by the graphical elements that already existed within the U.S. currency, intermixed with colors from foreign currency. The most interesting aspect of the project was getting to see the details of the currency. Plus, it gave us a chance to redesign the currency from our perspective which was fun."


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