Friday, February 01, 2008

Family Not Included - TristanS

Family Not Included Plot summary: A toy robot attempts to escape on a mission to reunite with his family.

TristanS posted his video to the Toolfarm Expert Forums. His film short is currently in a competition run by BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards).

Here's what he said about Family Not Included: "I worked on this over the Christmas period, I knew it would be hard to get any help so I came up with something I could make on my own, for free, within the confines of my flat and could be done within a week. The theme of the competition was unite so I decide to make the film about a toy robot trying to reunite with his kids, I guess the idea was kinda influenced by Toy Story with a SciFi twist."

"The main problem I had was the lack of a bluescreen to film against, which became a problem when keying out the background in certain shots. I just about managed to overcome this by keying out as much as possible, then adding layers of fog and giving the robots a slight glow round the edges. I quite like the look so I guess it worked out okay, although it would have saved a lot of time using some sort of bluescreen so I'll definitely be using one next time. The exterior backgrounds came from a free stock image website and were edited in photoshop to add in elements such as the signs."

"I used some of the Toolfarm tutorials (thanks) such as the Custom Shatter Maps, Earth Zoom and used some of the plugins such as shine, fog and looks suite to create most of the effects. I also used Particle Illusion to create some of the graphics from the robots POV."

"Due to time constraints a few shots were left out or unfinished, for example I had originally intended the final shot to resemble the Raiders of the Lost Ark Warehouse shot. It was then edited in Premiere Pro and uploaded for the competition. And hopefully if I win in my region I get to go to the BAFTAs."

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