Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shine - Golden(3D Music Video)

I was looking around for Bjork's new Wanderlust video (which I plan to post here as soon as it's released) and found Shine, a 3D music video. The 3D music video was shot in 3D (no tricks in post) and was produced, directed, shot, edited, and stereo conformed by Eric Deren of Dzignlight Studios. They have an interesting link on the site about Stereoscopic Production

They recommend you use red-cyan glasses with the red lens over the left eye, and watch the video in a darkened room. Too bad I don't have any 3D glasses. They'll also send you a free pair. I want to watch it now! Have any gels laying around your studio? I think they would work in a pinch!


So how'd the gels work out? Or did you get some of the free 3D glasses from the band?

Well, on the off chance that you happen to be in the Atlanta area, the band is doing a free screening of "Shine" in 3D tomorrow, Wednesday March 5th from 7-9pm at The Five Spot in Little Five Points!

It will actually be a full color screening of the 3D video (and some other really cool 3D footage) on a big screen. They'll be using a circular polarized projection system so it will be like the Real-D glasses you get in the theaters these days. But they'll also be handing out the red/cyan glasses for people to take home so they can watch the video again on their home computers. Come check it out if you happen to be in the Atlanta area! :)

For more info on the screening, video & the band, go to: or
Well, not bad but can you really compare it to the 3D movie by Rimantas Lukavicius for the Lithuanian house duo Mario Basanov & Vidis?
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