Friday, February 29, 2008

Gnaritas Monstrum by Seth Kendall

Seth Kendall - Gnaritas Monstrum Seth Kendall's Gnaritas Monstrum is an award winning video... awarded in several film festivals around the U.S. It's pretty darn impressive stuff.

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Web 2.0 - The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version) and the response

The first, Web 2.0 - The Machine is Us/ing Us, really makes me want to redo Toolfarm in XML. Boy that would save time!

Here is the response to the video: Health 2.0 Version 2 response to The Machine is Us/ing Us. They're similar in style but different in content (obviously), so is it really a response? I don't think so. Its an interesting video none the less.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A History of Evil by Ole-Magnus Saxegard

This is "Animated Documentary-Mockumentary about Evil in western civilization from Ancient Greece to present day." It was animated frame by frame in Flash and composited and textured in After Effects. It was designed and animated by Ole-Magnus Saxegard as a student project. It is lots of fun. I really thought it would end with Dick Cheney ;-)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Super Grass - Bad Blood

This is hands down one of the coolest videos I've seen so far this year. Lots of visual effects and really cool tracking effects. I'd love to know how they did this. I've been Googling around but haven't found any useful information.

Supergrass - Bad Blood


Music Video "Blackbird" by giraffentoast

This mesmerizing video was created by giraffentoast for Michael Fakesch. They took a simple costumed character and built a mountain of effects and distortions around them- it's a really unique look.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Midnight Vignette - Evangelicals

I love the Evangelicals. They make great music. This video is a homage to horror films and is full of old school horror text animations, film effects, and other miscellaneous video effects. It was directed by Matt Leach.

MIDNIGHT VIGNETTE from leachmo1 on Vimeo.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Erykah Badu - Honey

Singing and Dancing LP sleeves. They do a great job of copying old albums, like the Beatles Let It Be, a Grace Jones album, the John & Yoko cover of Rolling Stone, and a Diana Ross album. This is so well done. Directed by Chris Robinson.


The Mountain Goats - Sax Rohmer #1

I can't imagine the planning that went into this. Directed by Ace Norton.


The New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour

A really cool animated video for The New Pornographers newest release Myriad Harbour. I love the color palette. I wonder if they used CC Hair?


The One AM Radio - A Brittle Filament

I first heard this band a week or two ago at TheSixtyOne and I really like 'em. This is an interesting video because Hrishikesh Hirway, the director, made it with a Mac with the iSight and Photo Booth. Talk about low budget! This was probably cheaper to make than Van Halen's 'Jump', which was said to be made for $600 (and probably most of that was spent on Jack Daniels).

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Glassworks Ad for Bank of Ireland- "Dragon"

This is a nice piece by Glassworks for the Bank of Ireland. This is the last in a series of ads that are all very well done. Their work was recently featured on the Best of STASH 2007 reel at the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stab the Matador - Low Rider & Doctor

Here are two videos by the band Stab the Matador. The first is a professional video for the song Low Rider. It has interesting pulsating video effects and an awesome guitar sound. They had to use some sort of 'convert audio to keyframes' tool. YouTube quality though. Meh. (MyToolfarm quality is much higher, and made for motion graphics/vfx artists to share their work. It has just been launched. Try it out!)

Here's another Stab the Matador video for the song 'Doctor'. This one is by high school student Abby Wheeler of Harrisburg, Pa. The tear effects are really cool. Abby did a lot of the editing 'in-camera' and used FCP to finish it. Very cool, Abby. You have a future in this.

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She is the New Thing - The Horrors

This is one freakin' disturbing video. About two minutes in it gets really gory, but still really cool. Looks to me like a combination of hand drawn art, stop motion and video effects. It was directed by Corin Hardy. What I've seen of Corin Hardy's work is nothing short of impressive. He has a film called Butterfly, that I'm trying to find a high quality clip to post here. It's stop-motion claymation style. It's on Corin's site Mysterious Cat. The site has cool content but is AWFUL. It looks like it was designed in 1999. Frames, tiny white text, tiny video. Did I mention frames? Ugh. Sad because his work is amazingly good.

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Broadcast Standards

I thought you all would appreciate this. It's a short documentary on the difference between professional video standards for television and standardless anarchy known as the web. This was done for the Independent Film Channel and is pretty funny.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Club Social

text animation
Club Social are pizza flavored snack crackers, I'm guessing. It's in Portuguese. The animation is so cool. Awesome 3D layer work with AE.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adobe's Magical 3D Lens

This is just cool.... and now the right video is up here. Sorry about that. I've had the flu and this cold medicine is fogging my brain.

Via Flowseeker


Indiana Jones new trailer

This looks incredibly awesome. Great effects, a quality screenplay and Harrison Ford not looking half bad for being as old as my grandfather.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Shine - Golden(3D Music Video)

I was looking around for Bjork's new Wanderlust video (which I plan to post here as soon as it's released) and found Shine, a 3D music video. The 3D music video was shot in 3D (no tricks in post) and was produced, directed, shot, edited, and stereo conformed by Eric Deren of Dzignlight Studios. They have an interesting link on the site about Stereoscopic Production

They recommend you use red-cyan glasses with the red lens over the left eye, and watch the video in a darkened room. Too bad I don't have any 3D glasses. They'll also send you a free pair. I want to watch it now! Have any gels laying around your studio? I think they would work in a pinch!


Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Ad Blitz 2008

YouTube has put a Super Bowl Ad Blitz up, allowing you to watch the spots without all that football. Okay, honestly, I didn't watch the Super Bowl. I went out shopping, went swimming at the gym and came home and watched some bad reality tv.

I watched some of the spots on YouTube and there were a couple of cute ones. I really liked the Coke ad with Stewie and Underdog parade baloons.

E*Trade Talking Baby - kinda creepy.

FedEx Carrier Pigeons - I love the Giant birds.

Feel free to leave a comment and talk about your favorites or least favorites.

  • Better than previous years
  • Worse than previous years
  • About the same as previous years
  • Didn't watch/Don't care.


Friday, February 01, 2008

UFO Lands on Guys Desk

This is a really well done video showing a UFO landing on a guy's desk (hence the title) and morphing into a cell phone ala Transformers. The tracking is spot on and the autofocus effect works really well with it.

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Family Not Included - TristanS

Family Not Included Plot summary: A toy robot attempts to escape on a mission to reunite with his family.

TristanS posted his video to the Toolfarm Expert Forums. His film short is currently in a competition run by BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards).

Here's what he said about Family Not Included: "I worked on this over the Christmas period, I knew it would be hard to get any help so I came up with something I could make on my own, for free, within the confines of my flat and could be done within a week. The theme of the competition was unite so I decide to make the film about a toy robot trying to reunite with his kids, I guess the idea was kinda influenced by Toy Story with a SciFi twist."

"The main problem I had was the lack of a bluescreen to film against, which became a problem when keying out the background in certain shots. I just about managed to overcome this by keying out as much as possible, then adding layers of fog and giving the robots a slight glow round the edges. I quite like the look so I guess it worked out okay, although it would have saved a lot of time using some sort of bluescreen so I'll definitely be using one next time. The exterior backgrounds came from a free stock image website and were edited in photoshop to add in elements such as the signs."

"I used some of the Toolfarm tutorials (thanks) such as the Custom Shatter Maps, Earth Zoom and used some of the plugins such as shine, fog and looks suite to create most of the effects. I also used Particle Illusion to create some of the graphics from the robots POV."

"Due to time constraints a few shots were left out or unfinished, for example I had originally intended the final shot to resemble the Raiders of the Lost Ark Warehouse shot. It was then edited in Premiere Pro and uploaded for the competition. And hopefully if I win in my region I get to go to the BAFTAs."

If you're feeling it, give the video a bump!


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