Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Jim G. sent me this link. I had heard that Spike Jonze was working on this film. It's due out in October 2009. Obviously, it's not a film for children. Jim tells me that Maurice Sendak had never meant the book to be for children but the monsters represented his family. On Wikipedia, it says it's a kids book. It looks incredible.


Pixar's Up Official Extended Trailer


Disney Pixar's next animated film is called Up. It looks fantastic... very funny! It will be in theatres May 29, 2009.

That sounds like Ed Asner doing the voice of the old man, Mr. Fredrickson. I'd love one of those dog collars for my cat!

Below is a leaked Scene, which I don't believe was actually leaked because I saw the scene on an official Disney Pixar page on Facebook, but it wasn't embeddable.

Disney Pixar has also announced their full lineup through 2012. Read the article here. here.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

M83 - We Own the Sky

Somehow I missed this one when it was first uploaded to Vimeo, but its making the rounds on Twitter today. Wow, is it gorgeous. First off, you couldn't ask for a better soundtrack. M83 is one of my favorite electronic artists (I sure hope I see M83 at Lollapalooza this summer!) Second, the visuals work so well with the music. The floating, lushness is captured fully with what looks suspiciously like Trapcode Form.

Directed by David Altobelli
Motion Design by Dan Norton
Additional VFX by Matt Divito

M83 - We Own the Sky from David Altobelli on Vimeo.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel Season 2 Show Open

Danny Princz co-directed this great piece for Make Me a Supermodel Season 2. Danny had a pretty involved process but expained it well. He says

I co-directed the live action green screen shoot of the 18 talent featured in this open. The shoot was done on RED at 4K to provide flexibility with composition and camera movement for a 1080 finish.

I did the rough cut in FCP with proxies and then brought it in to AE via automatic duck. The scenes were then keyed in AE, comped against stills and a initial grade was done for the first client approval.

For the next phase I directed a run and gun shoot in Manhattan for the moving backplates. This was again shot on RED at 4k for flexibility. Due to the time of year we were limited in the amount of daylight and a relatively low sun.

After approval of the cut with the moving plates, the R3Ds were run through Redcine to 4K tiff files for final composting in AE.

Show Open for Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel Season 2 from danny princz on Vimeo.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Minilogue: Six Arms and One Leg

Organic, textural landscapes that slowly unfold and grow. Very surreal and dream-like. Design and animation by Rob Zohrab/ Hinge Design.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday: Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love (1981)

This is a very whimsical, doodley video for a tune that has been sampled so many times by the likes Grand Master Flash, Tupak Shakur, Ziggy Marley, Busta Rhymes, PM Dawn and most notably Mariah Carey, the lady with the most talented team of Photoshop airbrush artists in the world. :-)

The video was produced by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel, using the animated work of James Rizzi, American pop artist. Rizzi also did the cover of the album for Tom Tom Club.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Royksopp - Happy Up Here

Royksopp makes awesome videos... or rather, whoever they hire to make the videos makes awesome videos for them! Happy Up Here was directed by Reuben Sutherland.

This is a treat for the eyes with lots of 3D and organic camera moves, masterful compositing with 3D and live action, not to mention some crazy motion tracking. I love the giant video game look of the space invaders, although I'm suddenly a little dizzy! The song is an earworm too, and in a good way!

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sasy Mankan Ft Radin Band - Ninash Nash New HQ (Party Song)

It's not too often I come across Iranian hip hop. This video was posted to our forum, asking how they achieved the cartoon look. They could have appled Red Giant ToonIt, but it looks like Magic Bullet Looks to me. I love the bright colors and the stuttery cutting. The lightning effect in the hot tub scene is pretty cheesy though.

I will admit my ignorance of Persian culture, except that I've read all of the graphic novels by Marjane Satrapi (Perseopolis was my favorite, and her best known). One thing that struck me as odd is the man in drag at the end of this video in the cab and using a putter as a 9 iron. Is it supposed to be funny or couldn't they have a real woman in the video? I am curious, since I really have no idea what Sasy is rapping about.


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