Sunday, April 05, 2009

Flashback Friday: Guy Maddin's Careful (1992)

I just watched Guy Maddin's 1992 film, Careful, on Netflix. The film is about people in the village of Tolzbad, high up in the mountains, who fear making a noise and causing an avalanche. The people live a very silent and even cut the vocal chords on their animals to keep them quiet. They are also repressed and have a lot of secrets. What makes this film great is that it is done in a German Impressionist style. Being 1992, they didn't have Magic Bullet Looks at their disposal, but I LOVE the look of the film. The tint is constantly changing, as are the lenses, the audio purposely goes bad, the make-up is harsh and the acting is straight out of 1922
(but with sound!). The soundtrack is also fantastic. Now, I'm sure this film is an acquired taste, but if you like the bizarre, you'll probably enjoy this. Check it out on Netflix.

Guy Maddin talks about his editing style and piracy (he pirates his own work?!).

Guy Maddin also directed Sparklehorse's video for It's a Wonderful Life.

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