Friday, November 20, 2009

Reel Inspirations from Topher Welch at the Aetuts+ Blog

Topher Welch has recently compiled a list of 41 compelling demo reels for your viewing pleasure. Some older, some newer, but all very attractive. "Wow... it took forever, but I'm here to bring you more demo reels then ever before! Maybe you are hurting for some graphics ideas, or just need to whet your inspiration palate? There's no better way to throw away an afternoon. Enjoy!"

Joost Karngald Reel

Tony Hudson 2009 Reel

The Mill 2009 Reel

Mathieu Gerard

Thanks to Topher for scouring the interwebs and putting this together! These were just a couple that jumped out at me, but you can browse the whole list at Aetuts+.

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