Friday, March 26, 2010

Disco Biscuits - On Time

Disco Biscuits "On Time".

Some of you may know David Torno. He's a friend and I interviewed him and Brandon Parvini for their work on Flight of The Conchords' Ladies of the World.

David Torno and Michele Yamazaki

David Torno and Michele Yamazaki. Note: David is not really that short, nor is Michele really that tall. It's all an illusion, kids.

David recently worked on this new Disco Biscuits music video, On Time, which I must say is SUPER catchy song and the video is fantastic! All the post was done by the same core team that did the Linkin Park 'New Divide' video last year, and they are brimming with talent. Every video I've ever seen from them is slick!

The video premiered this week on MTV Networks. David said, "The director is Noah Rappaport, a colleague and very good friend of mine. This is his directorial debut. 'On Time' was a post heavy video that involved animating and compositing a CG robot, aka "Roger", into a real world environment as well as having him interact with live action actors." David worked on the C4D Lighting Rigs, 3D Motion Tracking, Virtual Set Creation.

So what else was involved in the creation? The post was done with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Cinema 4D was used to model, texture, light and animate Roger the robot. The smoke effects were also done with C4D. The color correction, environment lighting enhancement, Roger re-lighting effects, spark effects, handheld motion, DOF matching and virtual set creation were done in After Effects.

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