Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Gorillaz- Stylo

Gorillaz have gone full CG and continue to break ground on new video "Stylo"- a compositing and vfx masterpiece. New album "Plastic Beach" will be out March 8/9th US.

gorillaz cg

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And it's a shame that EMI, the Label where the Gorillaz are, banns all Germans from watching it on youtube. No Question that the Enduser is going to get it illegal. And while we are there we also download the discography and not the CD's
That's crazy that you can't see this in Germany. I have a friend in Holland and he can see it fine. What a shame. It's a very cool video.
Just the normal stupid german corporate behavior. I can not see most of the music videos on youtube, which is, marketing-vise stupid as hell. The best ad that a musician can have is having your music been heard.

The bad thing is that we only have to google and find a site like: http://www.bu2z.com/video/gorillaz-stylo.html where the video is viewable without any problems. So the "saving of intelectual property" is just a pain in the, sorry Folks, ass. As it's in no way effective and only annoying .

And yeah. The Video really is a cool one.
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