Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghost Town Media Interview/Case Studies at Trapcode Blog

"Ghost Town Media have created VFX for some amazing music videos and on-stage projection graphics for Linkin Park.

In this blog post we'll have a look at some of this work and see how Trapcode software was used.

Read the interview on Trapcode's Blog/ More Case Studies

David Torno of Ghost Town Media explains:

For Waiting For The End (WFTE), Brandon had tweaked and played with Form for a few days to develope a look which was based on some graphics we had made for the concert tour a few weeks prior. Basically running the footage through Form three different times to create a layered effect. The first layer being the main particles which held most of the fidelity of the image that shows and then two more passes to create floating yet somehow still attached brighter particle accents. All of these were based off of luma values from the source footage and audio reaction to different audio stems of the song. Various color grading was placed on top of that and then a focal depth plane was added and radomized to throw the focus in and out of the Form particle field just to give it more depth."

trapcode linkin park

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