Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Project Breakdown: The Brand New Conference at Red Giant's Red Room Blog

Brand New Conference from justin katz on Vimeo.

This was produced for the Brand New Conference in NYC on 11/5/2010 | Music added for vimeo: “Afternoon Sister” by Air | Thanks to Armin Vit for letting me do this.

From the Red Giant Blog: "Here at Red Giant, we were both intrigued and impressed, so we asked Justin to share how he made it happen.

Here’s his very detailed breakdown of his impressive work:

The Brand New Conference animations were done entirely with AE CS5 and Trapcode Particular 2. Minor prep work to split apart the logotype was done in Illustrator CS5.

It’s a very simple animation, but took several hours of just fiddling with controls in particular and experimenting to get something similar to what was in my minds eye. I also spent a long time with color correction techniques with standard AE effects."

Read the Full Project Breakdown at Red Giant's Red Room Blog

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"I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do as I approached the project. The client was clear that they did not want a narrative, but just “something cool” to play during the dead time between speakers and over the breaks. I always try and give my work some type of meaning so I interpreted “Brand New” as the organic life cycle of a brand. It is born and grows, but soon reaches a point of equilibrium where it stays – until the brand is refreshed (which is what the Brand New website focuses on) and thus new life is brought it and it can reach new heights, costumers, and potential." Read the Full Project Breakdown

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